Containers for Storage

Lockable storage containers are the perfect units to store your items in. They are strong, secure and with a massive volume. With the addition of a lockbox fitted to the front, they are dry, ultra-secure with flexible uses.

Storage Cost

Our storage containers are available for £120 +Vat per month with no hidden charges! We do not require a rental deposit and offer 1-week notice of vacation and a 4-week minimum rental period.

Container Size

20 Foot Containers offering 160 Square feet of storage (1,170 Cubic Foot

Internal Dimension: Length: 5,897 mm 19 ft 4.17in, Width: 2,348 mm 7 ft 8.44in, Height: 2,385 mm 7 ft 9.90in

Opening Hours

We offer access between 7am – 7pm to your storage unit 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All units you can drive straight up to for easy loading/unloading.

High Security

Our containers are constructed from tough anticorrosive steel and are specially designed to be vandal proof. Our containers are very secure and are ideal for storing goods. We fit our units with a high-security locking system, which uses a steel shroud to protect the lock from bolt-croppers, angle grinders, chisels, or other methods of forced entry. When used in conjunction with the high-security padlocks we supply, they ensure that unwelcome entry is virtually impossible. Padlocks are provided free of charge and are returnable at the end of your term.

Dry Storage

10 ventilators are fitted to every one of our containers. This ensures condensation is easily avoided. The basic rule is, if you don’t load damp materials there is not a problem.


Wyke Down Storage, Picket Piece, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 6LX